Speedy Now Cardholder Site

Sign in with your existing Speedy Now Card account to check your balance, claim earned wages, view past and pending transactions, and more! Coming soon, bill payment!


Getting Started

To get started with the Speedy Now Card Mobile App, you should have a Speedy Now Card card issued by your employer. If you have not yet registered your card, you should visit https://speedy-now.com/employees (or click the "Register for an Account" button in the app) and follow the instructions there.

Once registered, you will receive an email that contains your new first-time password. Log in using the same email address where you received that welcome email and the password provided.


Your Earned Wages

Once logged in, the home page of the app will show you your current card balance and the earned wages that are available to withdraw. There are both daily and weekly limits to how much you can withdraw through Speedy Now. Those limits are calculated based on information provided at the time of registration.

Click "Withdraw Earned Wages" to access those funds.


Withdrawing Earned Wages

To withdraw funds, simply enter the amount you want to withdraw and click "Withdraw Now". Note the information provided about the transaction fee that will be charged at the time of withdrawal.

That's all there is to it! The funds you withdraw - minus the fee - are available to spend immediately! The full amount of the withdrawal will be deducted from your next paycheck.


Transaction History

From the home page, you can hit the "Transactions" button to get a list of all of your earned wages withdrawals, associated fees, and all other spending on your Speedy Now Card.

The app currently shows 90 days worth of transaction history. Visit the cardholder website at https://speedynow.cardholder.io if you need to see more transaction history. The ability to see a date range of transactions and search your transaction history will be added to the app soon!


Suspend Your Card

To prevent unwanted access to your Speedy Now Card, you can use our Suspend feature to block and unblock activity.

Note that some functionality is unavailable in the app while your card is blocked - like withdrawing earned wages. You will need to unblock your card, perform that transaction and re-block it.


Having Trouble?

If you have any trouble using the app or the Speedy Now service in general, be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions section at: https://speedy-now.com/faq/ for answers to common problems. If you continue to have trouble, you can contact us at 855-479-9875 or email us at: support@limecard.com.